November 20, 2020, 7 pm Zoom meeting


The October Zoom meeting was very well received and worked well technologically.  We will meet via Zoom again in November.  We will announce the winners of the 2020 DSO Photography Contest, and enjoy a presentation from Lisa Rainsong on “Gardening for a Concert”.  

Ms. Rainsong was to have been our March 2020 speaker.   The March Digest had this information about Ms Rainsong and her program:

Lisa Rainsong, whose life combines music, natural history, and education, will open our eyes at our meeting with a slide show on a topic most of us likely have not thought about: “Gardening for a Concert: Creating Concert Halls for Nature’s Music from Parks to Your Backyard.”

Lisa holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music and is a member of the Music Theory faculty.  She is also a soprano who has performed as a soloist and choral musician specializing in Medieval, renaissance, and Baroque music. The following excerpts from the Institute’s webpage about her at: best describe her unique work.

“As she became increasingly interested in teaching the songs of earth’s first musicians —  birds, crickets, katydids, amphibians — she earned a Naturalist Certificate from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, focusing on field work. She now teaches classes and presents programs on in-service training in the music of nature throughout Ohio. She is also a field recordist and her programs feature her own field recordings and photos.

“Lisa’s field research on the crickets and katydids of Northeast Ohio includes surveys for park districts throughout the region and research grant projects. Her online field guide, ‘Listening to Insects,’ can be found at  “Her educational blog, ‘Listening in Nature,’ has five years of educational tutorials and stories from the field about her exploration of birdsong, insect song, and amphibian song:” 

We look forward to meeting Ms. Rainsong in cyberspace.