Due to COVID-19 , our tuber and plant sales will once again be online, with curbside pickup.

From April 9, 4pm through April 11, 4 pm, we will host the online tuber sale on this site.  When the sale is open, there will be a link at the bottom of the sales page (dahliasocietyofohio.org/sales) to take you to the store. The store will look like many other online stores.  You will choose a category (AA, A, B …) see the products and add what you want to your cart.  The  “cart” is viewable (and changeable) and when you are done shopping you will “checkout”.  All orders will be COD (Cash on Delivery).

AA and A tubers will cost $6 and all other tubers will cost $5.  All tubers have been checked and have eyes.

Once you place your order, you will receive a receipt via email, showing your order and the amount due at pickup.  Please bring your receipt to the pickup location.


Orders will be available for pickup at Petitti’s Oakwood, Saturday, April 17 from 10am- 2pm.  Go down the side of the building that faces Broadway, outside, to the northwest corner of the building.  The wall panels will be open and Dave will be there with your tubers.  (This is the same place that we bring flowers in when we have our fall show.)  Please have a check or exact cash for the amount due.  Checks are very much preferred.  No credit card payments can be accepted.  We ask that only one person approach the delivery window at a time.  Please practice social distancing.

The Dahlia Society of Ohio sincerely thanks Petitti’s for helping us with this sale.  As always they are a wonderful partner to DSO.


The online store will have pictures of the cultivars available this year. 

The sales page will direct you to the latest list of probable items for sale so that you can plan what you want.  The list will change over time as better inventory information is available.  

If you absolutely cannot place your order online during the sale, or pick up your order on Saturday April 17, please email webmaster@dahliasocietyofohio.org to see if we can accommodate your situation.

Non member customers are welcomed so feel free to tell your family and friends about our sale.


Here are a few comments and instructions for your shopping experience.

When you first enter the store you will get a page of “categories”, click on the name (or the picture above the category name) to see products in that category.  If you “add to cart” from this product listing page, you will get quantity 1 added to the cart.  You can change the quantity in the cart if you want more.  Or instead of adding to cart from the product listing page, you can click on a particular name (or the picture above it) and go to the single product page and choose a quantity.

Note:  If all the products in a category are sold out, the category will no longer be listed on the category page.

You can remove an item from the cart page using the ugly red X to the left of the item.

Once you have everything in your cart, “proceed to checkout”.  Enter the information requested, check your order listing carefully then place your order.  

You will receive a message on the screen saying that your order has been placed.  Be sure to verify that you get this message.  You will also receive an email receipt shortly after placing the order.  If you do not receive an email in 15 minutes, email webmaster@dahliasocietyofohio.org and she will check your order.

Please note: many of the cultivars only have 1 or 2 tubers available, so you may see out of stock before you order, or you may be told at cart or checkout time that there is not inventory for that cultivar.  We recommend that if you get this message at cart or checkout time, complete the current order, so that you get the other tubers in your order, and then maybe go back to the store, look for an alternative and place a second order. 

Don’t forget about the browser arrow keys in the upper left corner of the screens.  You can use them to navigate.

We hope the process goes smoothly for you and that you buy lots of tubers!