Gettin’ ready for the tuber sale

Members, don’t forget about the online tuber sale:

  • Sale, Friday, April 29, 6 pm – Sunday May 1, 4 pm
  • Pickup at Petitti’s Oakwood on Saturday May 7 10 am- 2pm
         link to sale will be emailed to members
         (watch this page and our Facebook page to see if and when sale is opened to public)


Here’s a Window Shopping List (updated 4-27).  These are the tubers that we expect to have in the sale.  It is subject to change and may have addition/deletions.  If you can read an Excel file this file  has pictures.  Click (or control click) on the link (column on the right) to see a picture.  Close the picture/picture tab to get back to the Excel file.


If you need to brush up on the classifications codes, check out the following webpages on the ADS site.
Both pages can also be found by going to  then choosing GROW, then Dahlia University, and looking under Classification.

You may investigate dahlias by size, color and/or form at this page:  Be sure to read the detailed instructions available at the top of the page.  You can navigate to this page by going to then choosing  KNOW, then Online Classification Guide, then OCG-General.