Friday, July 29, “How to Stage Blooms”

Friday, June 29th and will be a day of garden tours, a casual dinner and then a workshop on How to Stage Blooms for Exhibition.

If you’re new to the DSO or exhibiting dahlias, this will be a great opportunity for you to see what it’s like to exhibit blooms in a show before the competition season begins. And there will be some tips that could even help members who have been showing for a while—all members are welcome to join us!

Tony Evangelista will be giving us guidance on how to best showcase blooms for the judges. This will be a hands on workshop so if you have flowers you want to bring with you, we’d love to have you bring blooms and get some experience. Also, include at least one set of leaves with your blooms, you’ll need them to be able to stage properly.

More details will follow  so watch the society emails and  this this site for information as it becomes available.   If you’re interested in attending all of some of the day, please RSVP.  (Please note, you are leaving this website and going to Google Forms when you RSVP).

You don’t need to attend the garden tours/dinner to attend the workshop.