Flower of the Year

Most years, the DSO designates a “Flower of the Year” for competition at the DSO Annual Show.  All exhibitors are welcome to enter the competition and the best bloom is chosen and placed on the Court of Honor. 

This year we will honor recently deceased member Dave Cap by having the special section include any bloom grown from Dave’s stock. 

If you have not yet received a Dave’s tuber, as part of the online sale, you will be able to add a free tuber from Dave’s stock to your order. These tubers will be a surprise for you to grow and while you won’t know the specific name or color, we will identify the size or form of dahlia as this may impact where you want to plant the tuber and/or how you want to groom the plant. Be sure to remember the number on your tuber.

Then, at our Summit Mall show in the fall, we will have a special section for the dahlias grown from Dave’s tubers. We would love to have everyone bring a bloom from their Dave’s tuber to enter into the special section. In this way we will celebrate how special Dave was to the DSO. We will also reveal the names of the dahlias (by number) at the show.


Badger Twinkle2021Tony and Jackie Evangelista
No Shows - No Flower of the Year2020
No Flower of the Year2019
Kenora Wildfire2018Harriet Chandler and Jim Chuey
Carl2017Harriet Chandler and Jim Chuey
Any BB Midwest Intro
Barbara Miner
2016Ron and Barb Miner
Chandra Kay2015None
Just Peachy2014Todd Imhof
Taratahi Ruby2013Linda Vuletich
Barbara Miner2012Dave and Joyce Habager
Magic Moment2011Harriet Chandler and Jim Chuey
Baron Jerry2010Dave and Joyce Habager
Valley Porcupine2009Randy and Kathy Foith
Kenora Wildfire2008Randy and Kathy Foith
Mary's Jomanda2007Harriet Chandler and Jim Chuey
Baron Katie2006MIke Weber