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It is with great sadness that we report, the mother of DSO member Marilyn Weber has passed away after a fall earlier this month.  Marilyn is a very devoted daughter and will miss her mother greatly.  Marilyn, DSO sends heartfelt … more

DSO Photographers win big

The 2019 ADS Photo Contest results were announced recently and DSO photographers made a statement.  Nancy Riopelle won the Grand Prize and Jackie Evangelista and Bob Leonelli also won prizes.   Congratulations!

To see all the winners of the contest visitmore

Next Meeting 3/20/2020

We will meet March 20, 2020 at Busch Funeral home, 7 pm.  We will review the ADS New Introductions DVD per our custom and will also have a presentation from Lisa Rainsong on “Gardening for a Concert”.  Hope to see … more

Artistic Design for Summit Mall

Artistic Design categories for the 2020 DSO Annual Show (Summit Mall) are announced:

The Dahlia – a wonder of the world

  • Niagara Falls – arrangement with water as a main component
  • The Pyramids – linear design, pyramid shape
  • Hanging Gardens

Summit Mall 2019 Results

Results for the 2019 DSO Annual Show held at Summit Mall, Akron, OH, September 21-22 are now available.… more